A Haven of Health and Wellness

Emma Magnolia is a dynamic health enthusiast, educator, and advocate for holistic living. As a wife, mother of seven, homesteader, and Massage Therapist, Emma seamlessly blends professional expertise with a profound commitment to natural wellness. She is also the daughter of renowned Australian health speaker Barbara O'Neill, whose influence has profoundly shaped her journey in the wellness field.

As founder of BarbaraONeill.com, previously known as Misty Mountain USA, Emma continues her mother’s legacy by disseminating knowledge on natural health and healing practices. Through this platform, she shares her extensive training and experience, promoting health and wellness to a broad audience that includes family, friends, neighbors, and patients.

Family, the Heart of Wellness

Emma's upbringing alongside her five siblings in the lush rainforest hills behind Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia, instilled in her a deep connection to nature and health. At the age of 17, she embarked on a transformative health and wellness journey at the Living Valley Health Retreat in Kin Kin, Queensland, where she immersed herself in Swedish Remedial & Therapeutic Massage, lymphatic therapy, and colonic irrigation, laying the foundation for her future endeavors. In the 30 years since then, Emma has conducted many cooking schools and health lectures, sharing the knowledge and enthusiasm that runs in her family.

In her early 20s, a serendipitous encounter led Emma to marry a Minnesotan man who was volunteering at the retreat. Their unique family story was further enriched when Barbara Russ, Emma’s mother, married Emma’s then-boss, Michael O’Neill, on the same day as Emma’s own wedding to her husband Doug. This joyous occasion marked the blending of two families, one of six children, and one of two, into a larger, harmonious unit making a total of eight siblings!

The Next Generation

For over two decades, Emma has managed her own in-home clinic part-time while joyfully raising and home-educating her seven children. Her commitment to the principles of healthy living extends beyond her own children to her beloved daughter-in-law, beautiful granddaughter, as well as numerous family and friends whom she deeply cherishes. Her love for her family in addition to her love for health and wellbeing is evident in the lifestyle

she and her family lead at their hobby farm in St Croix County, Wisconsin. Emma generously integrates healthy living into their journey while maintaining a deep affection for her homeland, Australia.

A Legacy of Wellness

After creating and supplying Barbara’s products to her customers for 25 years, Emma launched her own startup. In the spring of 2023, Emma created her own company, Misty Mountain USA, which quickly became more than just a website. Through this endeavor Emma promotes herbal remedies, natural health, and the legacy of her parents, Michael & Barbara O’Neill, founders of the Australian Misty Mountain Lifestyle Retreat and Education Center.

Currently, Misty Mountain USA is completing its transition to barbaraoneill.com, with Emma's passion for gardening, cooking, home remedies, and wellness shining through brightly. From baking sourdough bread to cultivating microgreens, her diverse interests are woven into the fabric of her work. The love of gardening, passed down from her mother, is vividly displayed in the bountiful vegetable and flower gardens at Emma’s country home.

International Adventures

In the last two and a half decades, Emma's family life has intertwined with her mother's international speaking tours, adding joy and a sense of community as they share wisdom globally. Emma invites everyone to join this vibrant and enthusiastic journey toward a healthier and happier life. Explore together with Emma and her family, where gardening, cooking, and wellness come together in harmony.

Here's to vibrant living!

With much love,

Emma Magnolia