About Emma, Barbara's Daughter


Welcome to Misty Mountain USA –

 A Haven of Health and Wellness! Greetings, health enthusiasts!

 I'm Emma Loberg, daughter of Australian health speaker Barbara O'Neill and the proud founder of Misty Mountain USA.

Passionate Synergy: Blending Culinary Artistry with Gardening Mastery

My upbringing alongside my five siblings took place in the lush rainforest hills behind Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. At the age of 17, I embarked on a transformative health and wellness journey at the Living Valley Health Retreat in Kin Kin, Queensland, where I immersed myself in Swedish Remedial & Therapeutic Massage, lymphatic therapy, and colonic irrigation, laying the foundation for my future endeavors.

Fast forward to my early 20s, where serendipity played a role in my life, leading me to marry a Minnesotan, who was visiting the retreat on a holiday. Our blended family of eight children unfolded, and the uniqueness of our family story was magnified when, remarkably, my mother's marriage to my then-boss, Michael O’Neill, coincidentally occurred on the same day. This serendipitous twist transformed us into a larger family, with morning vows exchanged by my husband and me, followed by my mother and stepfather in the afternoon, marking this a momentous and joyous occasion.

Discover Misty Mountain's harmonious blend of gardening, being a Mum, cooking, baking, and the art of healthy living. From baking sourdough bread to cultivating microgreens, my passions are woven into the fabric of Misty Mountain USA. The love of gardening, passed down by my mother, is vividly displayed in our bountiful gardens in our country home. For 30 years, I've conducted cooking schools and health lectures, sharing the knowledge and enthusiasm that runs in my family.

A Legacy of Wellness

Misty Mountain USA is more than a website; it's an extension of the Australian Misty Mountain legacy rooted in herbal remedies and natural health. In spring 2023, Misty Mountain USA was formed, continuing our family's commitment to wellness.

Family, the Heart of Wellness

For two decades, I've joyfully raised seven children, incorporating the principles of healthy living into their education. Our dedication to well-being extends to our entire family, including our daughter-in-law and cherished granddaughter. With one home in the USA, I've seamlessly integrated healthy living into our family's journey while maintaining a deep love for my homeland, Australia.

International Adventures

In the last two decades, our family life has intertwined with my mother's international speaking tours, adding joy to our community as she shares wisdom globally.

Join the Journey!

Come along on this vibrant and enthusiastic journey toward a healthier and happier life. Explore Misty Mountain USA, where gardening, cooking, and wellness come together.

Here's to vibrant living! 

with much love... !!!!

Emma Magnolia Loberg

Founder, Misty Mountain USA

Daughter of the Amazing Barbara O'Neill